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About Us

El Futuro 

American Latinos make up 18% of the American population and contribute $2.13 trillion dollars to the American GDP. That's 24.4% of total U.S. GDP growth. In the last decade, Latinos alone have started 86% of all new American businesses. ​

It's seemingly clear that America’s future is a Latino future. Yet Latinos are habitually under-represented when it comes to building the policies that will shape America’s future and under-represented at the voting booths.

The Latino Voter Empowerment Coalition was formed to change that. What's good for Latinos is good for America. Latinos have a strong voice. Voting makes it loud.


Who We Are

The Latino Voter Empowerment Coalition (LVEC) is a non-partisan, 501 c(3) nonprofit organization created in the summer of 2018 with a very clear objective: to significantly increase Latino voter registration, participation and turnout. 

Headed by Latino and Non-Latino civic leaders, city and county officials, community representatives, individuals, organizations and corporations, the LVEC is dedicated to making sure that Latinos are part of this most quintessential right, privilege and obligation. In this way, we can ensure that candidates and elected officials (national, state and local) advocate and promote justice, equality and equal opportunity for ALL in America.

La Misión

To increase Latino voter participation and to promote justice and equal opportunities for all.



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